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Submitting your pictures is the most important step to beginning your career as a fashion model. It’s the area nobody bothers to explain to you.. until now.  Knowing these Model Secrets will save you lots of time and money. Agents do not want to see professional pictures!! In the fashion world… It’s been known forever as POLAROIDS!! But since the digital camera and the internet.. agents and clients request Digitals or snapshots. You will need strong Polaroids/Digitals/Snapshots to get signed with an Agency and once you are a working model your Agent will constantly take digitals of you to send to photographers &  clients.  When you go on go sees and castings.. Designers and Catalog Clients will whip out their poloroid/digital camera and take a couple pics. This will happen ALL THE TIME!! So, you have to learn how to be natural yet fashionable and look amazing in polaroids. Agents can tell just by a polaroid if you are photogenic.

On the model Submissions page when you are ready and have mastered the art of the digital picture.. by practicing for hours on end in front of the mirror, looking at models and how they move in magazines, and studying all the poloroids on the Model Submision page.. Then you are ready to submit your pics to an agent! Notice none of these models are wearing makeup and they look very natural.. natural hair and simple clothes.. but look at the edge some of them have.. they know the angles of their body where they look their best.. look at the eye contact.  If you can send me pics like this.. you will be on your way to working as a fashion model!!  If you have any questions.. please ask.. I can help guide you if you are having trouble. See… it is a lot easier then you thought. You can get your best friend or your mom or your 6 year old brother to take the pic, they don’t have to know what they are doing. You have to know what you are doing.. that is all. Don’t over pose.. just be natural, fashionable and Gorgeous!

Here are some GREAT examples of the types of simple Digitals I (& agents) are looking for..

And please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback! I love to hear from you.

To your UNSTOPPABLE Success-


  1. Shannon Pressley says:

    The above advise is great…and you’re right…who knew such basic pictures could get someone started? My daughter is interested in modeling. What is a good age to get started?

  2. Lisa Phillips says:

    Thank you!! Great question.. Modeling Agencies look for girls generally between 15-20.. but they do make exceptions if a girl has a lot of potential. They work with younger talent during the Summer months to build their Book before they are old enough to commit full time.

  3. Mel Rive randall says:

    Hi Lisa. I was sending my professional pictures to agencies for YEARS. I mean like 3 years. I knew I could model but I was from Lousinanna and thought I had to send professional ones. I finally saw your video and thought No way that can’t be but I tried it. I got three calls right away from agents in NY and Miami. All I did was do like you said. I did nothing to my hair, no makeup and I just looked at the camera like a mugshot LOL and they were flipping out. WHen I met them for interview she said that all they want is plain old pictures. Why don’t they take the time to tell us? THank God for you!!!!!!!!! I am signed with ELITE NY!! I have been here for 3 months now. Thank you Lisa

  4. Lisa Phillips says:

    Now THAT is Awesome!! Makes me feel sooooooooooo good!!!! Kick butt in NYC girl ; ))

  5. Angel Leah says:

    Hi, I have been interested in modeling ever since I was 12 years old.
    I was wondering what Modeling Agencies to send the pictures to?
    I applied to one and they called me back, but my parents insisted it was a scam so I never got to call them back.
    This is something I would love to do full time in the near future!
    Im 15,5’8,Blonde hair,Hazel eyes .

  6. It’s a good idea Angel to send your snapshots to 10 Modeling agencies in New York or your closest major city. The most important thing is to send the ‘right’ pics.. You can always send them to me and I will let you know what agencies would be best for your type ; ) You will find scams a lot in smaller towns and cities, but really if you have what it takes to be a fashion model there really is no need to work locally. Many models work in NY, LA or Miami during their school breaks. I would love to see your snapshots so pleeeeasse jump on my newsletter and send me your snapshots!!!!
    How awesome you are already 5’8!!! xxo Lisa

  7. Hi, i am about to send a couple pictures to a modeling agency in NYC, i was wondering, do you put your stats on the back of the polaroid, like typed, written, or nothing? I am 19 & 5’8″ so it’s tough to find an agency i can apply too, thanks for the great info!

  8. Hey! yes, you have to put your stats on the back of the photos (your height and measurements) you can just write it. Yes, it’s not easy to find an agency, especially in NY but always TRY and TRY again!! make sure you have watched my vids and read my post on the best types of snapshots to send so you don’t hurt your chances.. make sure they are simple with no makeup!!! thanks and good luck!

  9. website under construction….Hey Lisa! I was wondering if you had received my snapshots!? I sent them to you last week sometime…if you need me to send them again, I’d be more than happy to! Please let me know when you get a chance…I’m anxious to find out what you think! I’ve been looking for representation in either commercial/print, high fashion, convention/trade show..and even commercials, hosting, acting..but that’s currently being worked on. I need to make this modeling thing happen first! Thanks so much!

    -Heather Lynn Mayer

  10. Heather can you resend the pics please sweetie? I looked through them but couldnt find you… thanks :)

  11. Neisha Gaines says:

    Hello my name is neisha
    I took dozens of pictures & I don’t know where or who to send them to.
    I really would prefer to send them to you first to get your opinion but I don’t know how.
    Please email me back & let me know something

  12. Nardeen Helmy says:

    Hi Lisa,
    I’m in the process of applying to modeling agencies in NYC. I have tons of pictures that are unprofessional. Can I send you some and you give me your insight on how they look? I’m worried about my height because I’m not considered tall, I’m about 5’6″ . Thank you

  13. thammy-lee kotze says:

    I want to model wat can I do and were do I send my photo’s

  14. I have high hopes to be a model but worried I’m to ugly… look at all those beautiful models:'(

  15. Hey,

    I always get picked for local events for modeling and acting however I want to expand ,any advice as far as agencies that represent 17yrd old printmodel/actress that’s 5’1 ?

  16. Amit Khatu says:

    Respect Madam, I Want to be a Model! Where can I upload My Photos.

  17. Hi Lisa(;
    I’m interested in sending in pics of myself to a few agencies. Which pics should I submit? Waist up full length close up? Indoors or out?

  18. Yes, you should always send no makeup shots of your face, profiles and full body.

  19. Please send your pics to

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