Model Mentor Mondays-Transgender Models

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Todays Question:

  • I’m transgender. I was born a man but I am now transitioning into becoming a woman. It has always been my dream to go to New York and model. And I do know of a few transgender models who have made it big. Do you have any advice for me?

    Lisa’s Note:  Hey.. for those of you still doubting yourself.. look at what these “different” models had to go through to live their dreams.. I think it’s very inspiring and should be an eye opener for any aspiring model! ; ) YOU CAN DO THIS!!!


    1. Work it girl! I love your videos. You are entertaining and endearing and its obvious you don’t take yourself too serious. very refreshing to see an actual model taking the time out to teach other models! bravo girl (((( now , I just wish I had thot of it LOL)))

    2. Emily Sorine says:

      Lisa where are you from? What ethnicity.. you are a woman of the world because you fit in to so many difft countries but none at all.. no what I mean? curious

    3. I am a free lance Photographer who has various projects Outdoors. I would like to shoot Transgender, and do not know where to find these models. Agencies do not listed Transgender. What can I do?

    4. hmmm.. I know agencies are always looking for great photographers to test their new faces. If you apporach them in that way.. that you are looking to test and then mention your specifically looking for transgender models after you have your foot in the door.. I don’t think there are a lot of transgender models in general represented by NY agencies. Maybe putting an advertisement out there on Facebook, Craigslist would be best for you. Or traveling to Thailand to build your book. I know there’s a lot of this type of models there and a decent Fashion Market.
      Good Luck!

    5. i’m a male to female in transition,on female hormones,i’m looking to becoming a model,any good places for transgender models? :)

    6. Hey Zoey… The modeling industry is open to whatever.. it’s all about the image. If your photogenic and people are moved by you, in awe of you or downright controversial.. it sells mags, clothes and the like… so go for it!!!

      New York city and Paris and London are great models to start working for these types…. more edgy markets.. ; )

    7. 32 yr old transgendered male. :)

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    9. Yes, there’s all diff’t types of modeling out there!

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    11. Jhoy Alix says:

      hi im jhoy a transgender… anyway i can audition or show my pictures???

    12. Hello,

      I’m Emir. I’m 31 and consider myself transgender FTM (female to male). I haven’t started hormones and didn’t do any surgeries as of yet. I am planning to do so and within a month or two I will be changing my name legally. I’m inexperienced with the modeling scene, I don’t know anything basically but it’s a tough and competitive. I became interested in modeling because when I was younger I used to hear family and strangers say I should model. As I got older, I’d hear it on/off but I didn’t believe when other’s would say I should try modeling. I’d just laugh and said if I’m accepted as I am.. I would model! So, just recently I thought maybe I should try and see, since it’s been extremely hard for me to find and get a job. I always heard I have the height and body frame, I’ve always thought about modeling for menswear. I mean I’m average height 5’9 and 125 but I know it is and will be very challenging as a transgender to become noticed. I basically wanted to do this on the side not as a career unless I got lucky lol. I am in school pursuing my Criminal Justice degree. I have been looking into resources and agencies that work with the LGBTQ community but I haven’t found anything. I know I need a portfolio and it’s been extremely hard finding a photographer that works with LGBTQ persons. SO, that’s pretty much my story for the most part and any help or tips are appreciated. Thanks!

    13. Lo Floyd says:

      Hi Lisa, my name is Lo. I’m an awesome pre-op ftm and looking to start modeling. Are you still looking for models? Since being on hormones for 3 years, I’ve been several times to model. What are you looking for?

    14. Hi Lo. you should submit to mother agencies and NY model agencies, there are models like you out there!

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