Landing a TV Commercial Agent

You have to have a TV Commercial Agent to Audition for Commercials.  PERIOD!! You do not want to be known as the model/actor who crashes auditions!!  I know It can be Very tempting to do so but it will hurt you in the long run. Be professional and work hard to get an agent first. Getting the agent is the hardest part but with my model secrets & your perseverance.. I will help you to land an agent!!   Of course there are always exceptions to the Rule.. and there are other ways to get an agent.. like if your uncle’s an Agent  or maybe a casting director sees you in a play. But for most everyone.. There are two ways of going about it.


Once you get signed to a Modeling Agency.. you will shortly after  be sent on an Interview with the Commercial Agency they work with. Each modeling Agency works with one or two different agencies and the majority of their girls work with a specific agency. This is because the Agents work closely together so not to overlap your Bookings, go sees, casting and Auditions.   Some Modeling Agencies have an in house Commercial department and you will automatically work with them. You will have to manage your work from both agencies. So, If you are an aspiring model or an already working model than it will be easier for you to get a Commercial Agent.


If you are not signed with a modeling Agency yet & want to get a TV Commercial Agent First or if you are not pursuing modeling but want to audition for TV Commercials then you have to go about it the old fashioned way… Submitting Headshots!  Unlike modeling Agents who prefer all natural snapshots taken by your mama.. Commercial Agents require Headshots.. professional glossy 8X10 Color Headshots to be mailed to them. Sometimes they can be emailed (depending on the agency) or dropped off with the receptionist, if you are in the city.  Once, the Agents decide they’re interested in meeting you they will call you and set up an Interview.  If you don’t hear back within a month…send your headshot again.. send a headshot every month if you have to… Send a different headshot.. write a personal note with it telling them about the 6 week Commercial course you just took.. Just don’t give up and Be persistent!  Eventually, you WILL get called in by an agent.

Also, Agents for TV Commercials like to see recent work. This will help out immensely and get you called in quicker. Get a reel made, even if it’s one commercial. Send your reel with your Headshot or your website where they can view your work. Always mention if you have taken  TV  commercial Acting classes. Agents like to know you are proactive and working on your career. They want to sign Bookers!! They want to work with ambitious and smart, career minded models and Actors.  You can do lots of non-union Tv commercials before you are in SAG (Screen Actors Guild). So Audition for them as much as possible, even if they don’t pay..doesn’t matter because it’ll be work on your reel!

TV Commercials are A lot of fun to Audition for and Model/Act in. They can be very Lucrative and can give you maximum exposure.. it’s a great way for the public to get to know you.  When you do get called in for an Interview… Personality is everything!!  Walk in glowing and friendly and let your inner beauty shine through!!

P.s. See my headshot on top of post.. This is a great TV Commercial headshot that I used several years back (when I was a blonde : )    Casting Directors like 3/4 shots.. shows your body and your personality! It’s good to have a great smiling shot!


  1. Its FUNNY you have to have a great headshot but most casting directors dont ask for them anymore.. Its all digital! I really enjoy acting in Commercials too.. Pösas write more on this topic!!

  2. naveen kumar sharma says:

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  3. Hi,
    This is Jyoti, I want to join this television industries… an actor or want to host a program. I have required skills & I have lot’s of confident, but I don’t have any experience…….could you help me to find good platform of my career.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jyoti Verma
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  6. Steven Garcia says:

    Hello my name is Steven I live in the Orlando area; I am 21 and have a wonderful little family. I would love to do some acting on a commercial; I have always done great in acting in high school and at youth camps. I just need some direction to help me get started.
    Thank you, Steven

  7. i love to be on tv commercial it is like a Dreams come true

  8. Biswajit Sarkar says:

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  10. I need a talent agent for my 11 yr old and 3 ur old daughter. Any recommendations?

  11. Hi Steve, yes is the best Kids Model management agency in NY, try them and Wilhelmina Kids for that age range.!

  12. Gerri Sistrunk says:

    I am a photogenic senior and natural actress who would love to do a television commercial geared towards senior citizens.

  13. bhanu nayak says:

    hi. …sir diz is bhanu nayak.! form Hyderabad iam interested to act in tv ads. plz help me

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  15. I want to work in hindi tv commercials such as New York Life insurance or Metlife insurance or any indian product commercials.

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  17. Hey,I like to work in tv advertisement…i am self dependent…i have lot of confidence…bt had never experienced in it…so just want one oppurtunity to work in it…thank u…

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  19. JOSEPH LOPEZ says:

    Hello ms. Phillips. My name is Joseph Lopez I am looking work as a T.V. commercial person. I am 23 years old . I did some acting in High School and have a degree in communication media arts. I am looking work in this field. Please if you could help me I would be very thankfull. Thank you for your help. Joseph.

  20. I love to be considered in a commerical

  21. I am creating a TV commercial course to help aspiring tv comm’l actors and models – stay tuned!

  22. Hi Lee, I think if you are an aspiring actor then the best place to model is in Los angeles, so you can pursue both!

  23. All you need is an agent Gerri!

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