Lisa’s TV Commercials

ALL Models signed and working in NY and LA have a TV commercial Agency.  Usually the agency you are with for modeling will set up an appointment for you at their affiliate agency or you can ask your mother agent to do this.  The top TV Commercial Agencies that represent most of the models in NY are  CESD TALENT, INNOVATIVE ARTISTS, ABRAMS ARTISTS and PARADIGM.  Of course there are many many others but I know that these agencies get all the calls for all the Tv commercials casting.    If you are a model in LA or NY and do not have a TV commercial Agency you are missing out on A LOT of money.. TV commercials while running give you endless residuals that add up pretty quickly!! So, make it a point to make sure you have TV commercial representation!!

           Here are a couple examples of TV commercial Headshots.. keep them natural and friendly, not too perfect, more approachable and likable!
So Actually.. Acting in TV Commercials is truly one of my greatest passions. I love the excitement of the audition process, the filming of the spot.. such a collaboration of so many talented individuals, and then seeing the finished product. It’s especially fun if you get to travel somewhere fun. I have shot over 75 national and International TV Commercials and I have loved every minute of it. Check out Some of my spots below.. I have been lucky to shoot commericals  in Miami, NY, LA, El Salvador, Kenya, Namibia, Cape Town, Greece  & Frankfurt… etc




Wal-Mart Commercial: